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NameLaurie Dalesio
Your Grade or Job Title2nd Grade
What is your favorite type of food?

American - burgers & fries

What is your favorite dish?

Hamburger & french fries

What is your favorite local restaurant?

Bad Daddys

What is your favorite beverage?


Do you drink coffee? If so, what kind? What's your favorite drink at Starbucks (or wherever you go)?

Plain coffee with 2% milk

What is your favorite dessert?


Do you have any dietary restrictions?


If you could have anything to eat today, what would it be?

Chocolate chip cookies 🙂

What is your regular lunch time during the day?

10:50a - 11:30a

If you could receive any type of gift card, what would you pick? Please list your top 3 choices

Banana Republic

Do you have any special requests/needs for your classroom or office?

I always enjoy more books for my classroom library 🙂